Accounts Receivable & Debt Recovery Solutions

"Our mission is to help companies to improve the cost and efficiency of their Credit Management processes in order to limit the risks associated with extending credit and trading around the globe."

Baker Ing International is a business concept initiated by a group of working Credit Directors. The ideal Global Debt Recovery partner being a collaboration of like-minded, proven Credit Professionals whereby the Service Level is guaranteed due to its time served expertise. In addition to delivering an advanced debt recovery service, our global network of Credit Professionals means we can knowledge share with you Best Practice on all aspects of Order to Cash. Baker Ing  will provide you with access to numerous written Testimonials and Case Studies on our members area, Order to Cash solutions in your business sector, resolutions to common problems and answer questions where you want to hear others’ opinion.

Who are we?

Baker Ing International is the global working network of Senior level Credit Professionals. We are a dedicated team of Credit industry experience that, combined, covers time served in most industries. We are working Credit Managers working for the Credit Manager.

What we do

We provide global debt recovery by matching and assigning cases to the best talent within our team and International network. We offer a seamless, centralised solution to companies whilst guaranteeing their brand protection. We exceed promise and expectation.

Why us?

As a leading Global Receivables Management company led by Industry practitioners, what Baker Ing International offers is significantly different to most Debt Collection Companies

Who are We?

‘’The Global Debt Collection Company Engineered and Delivered by Global Credit Managers’’

Many Debt Collection Agencies provide recovery assistance across the Globe utilising local language. The industry needed a dedicated network of proven experienced Credit Managers that can bring local Best Practice to the fore, whilst providing a tangible collection service.  Baker Ing International is a working global network of Collectors who are experienced Credit Managers and Credit Directors, who apply their experience to each of our client’s cases guaranteeing the analysis, approach, service and results


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What we do?

‘’Collection success is determined by the approach, expertise and knowledge of the Mediator….’’

The ‘Team’ is what separates us from any other provider.  Typically, a client to most service providers, the ‘Credit Manager’ is also our ‘Team’.  Success can be proven by our clients reading the CVs of our Collectors and our service is client and company tailored with individual Service Level Agreements. The delivery is detailed in a proposal after consultation, learning the Order to Cash process, Company Culture and Objectives, Challenges and KPIs.  Our Collection Results are measured and are aligned with our client’s internal Key Performance Indicators and our collaboration helps improve these.  Baker Ing International is a Business Partner who can be trusted to work all client segments and customer tiers because of the guaranteed level of expertise applied; volume/value driven collection workflows detail very differently to high value collections


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Why us?

‘‘Company Politics and Business Appetite for Risk Determines the Company Credit and Collections’’

Company politics often mean AR management becomes a ‘balancing act’ of maximising Working Capital whilst enabling Business Development and protecting from Bad Debt. We work with our clients to provide analysis and ideas on how to deliver best AR results whilst managing Stakeholders and Departments in the company who impact Global Credit and Collections.  Our services are holistic as well as global and we can support companies in each ‘touch point’ of their client cycle. It is proven that to have a productive and best ‘back end’ cash collection, good Credit Management Process needs to be adopted ‘front end’. Where do you believe your Front End starts….at which stage does your business engage Credit and Collections? We can work with you to ensure this becomes the forefront of company strategy and ethos. We provide retrospective testing of your company Credit Policy to determine where you could change the appetite for risk with additional steps and what the impact of this in the way of Credit Limit Approval/Decline, Profit and Loss Statistics how this would impact your client base.