Our clients tend to value us most when failure to collect, or collecting badly, is simply not an option. We are here to minimise risks of poor performance and provide more client-control whilst delivering flexible niche expertise and scalable operations.

We achieve this very simply – by helping you to access the best vetted, tested and proven talent in the credit industry, then supporting that talent within a robust and reliable global collections infrastructure which they can rely on to help them deliver the results they have forged their careers upon…and which you expect of them.

In this way, excellent performance is mutually assured between client, credit director and Baker Ing’s supporting collections infrastructure:

Our clients retain full control and performance oversight within a delivery model which is designed to ensure neither client, credit director nor supporting business infrastructure can represent a critical risk to the collections process.

Neither client, credit director nor collections infrastructure is able to represent a single point of failure in isolation from the other two, which behave as checks and balances against poor performance.

This is a hybrid delivery model which allows for the best of in-house control and oversight, with the best of outsourced flexibility, niche expertise and scalability.

Furthermore, by decentralising our operations, we have removed unnecessary layers of business administration and communication; decision-making is devolved to our Credit Directors for quicker, better communication and direct accountability.

Our global network is comprised of three specialist layers of expertise:

InternationalCredit Control


InternationalDebt Collection