International Debt Collection

We provide bespoke international debt collection; from ad hoc support, through to integrated service partner.

Every business requirement is different, and every debtor is different. We consult 1-2-1 to determine your needs. We then customise our approach, people, data and technology to best achieve your aims. This bespoke approach applies throughout the service you’ll receive, and you always retain full control; our team is there is obtain the best available resolution but, you sign-off on the results.

We support companies across all touch points of their client-cycle to provide a holistic collections solution. It has been proven that to have a productive and best ‘back end’ cash collection, good Credit Management Processes need to be adopted at the ‘front end’. We therefore work with our clients to ensure all elements of the credit cycle are optimised for maximum effectiveness and efficiency of collections activity. We can also provide retrospective testing of your company Credit Policy to determine where you could change the appetite for risk and the impact of this on Credit Limits, Profit and Loss, and how it may affect your clients.

Key features:

Native-language, native-culture credit managers which ensure even the most subtle and obscure cultural or linguistic peculiarities are observed – vitally important when building rapport and employing subtle persuasion.

Our Credit Managers will run media/news searches on your debtor. We check for new investments, large procurements and contract loss, as well as many other data points. Any information that could create reluctance for timely payment is logged and strategies are formulated to overcome said resistance.

Preparation is key to engaging verbally with the debtor and knowledge is power. We will never send written correspondence to a debtor without first exhausting verbal attempts. It is the result of the conversation which determines what documentation is sent to them. The tone of approach is often determined by our client and the circumstances known to them; we seek to build rapport with the debtor and our team will know how to best steer where we need them to go.

Our experienced Credit Directors will be aware of factors that can affect the debtor business. They will know their client names and they will be aware of their competitors. We will quickly learn if your debt is due to a Creditor query, for example, and how to ensure you become a primary Creditor to the debtor.

Having identified the genuine and proven reasons for late, or non-payment, it is then down to our Credit Directors to resolve non-payment by applying their considerable experience, skill, knowledge of local law, and awareness of customs within the industry in question.

Throughout the service our technology helps to ensure maximum efficiency is maintained and detailed, transparent and timely reporting is delivered.

Our global network is comprised of three specialist layers of expertise:

InternationalCredit Control


InternationalDebt Collection