International Credit Control

Our clients tend to value us most when failure to collect, or collecting badly, is simply not an option. We are here to minimise risks of poor performance and provide more client-control whilst delivering flexible niche expertise and scalable operations.

We achieve this very simply – by helping you to access the best vetted, tested and proven talent in the credit industry, then supporting that talent within a robust and reliable global collections infrastructure which they can rely on to help them deliver the results they have forged their careers upon…and which you expect of them.

We work to maintain great lines of communication with your customers – strengthening relationships, identifying those at risk of late payment and, working together to ensure you are the priority to your customers’ accounts payable.

Invest in customer relationships to reap the rewards of on-time payment by tackling late-payment issues before they become late-payment problems.

Our team will contact your customers 1-2-1 via telephone in a friendly, personable and professional manner – engaging them and strengthening the relationship.

We are able to communicate using your branded communication, such as email addresses, dedicated inbound telephone lines etc…, as well as paying due attention to your brand tone of voice and any other stipulations you may have – your customers enjoy continuity of service.

We guarantee;

Native-language, native-culture credit managers which ensure even the most subtle and obscure cultural or linguistic peculiarities are observed – vitally important when building rapport and employing subtle persuasion.

A communications strategy based on hard data – our team will have a detailed insight into every customer they speak to, based on our in-house analysis derived from a multitude of global data sources.

Better customer relationships and re-educated customers with positive behaviour changes, including the setting-up of Direct Debits to help your Collection process.

Detailed reporting – in addition to strengthening relationships and educating customers, we will also report on your customers’ payment processes and key contacts.

Our global network is comprised of three specialist layers of expertise:

InternationalCredit Control


InternationalDebt Collection