Legal Services

Should mediation and all amicable attempts for payment fail, Legal action becomes the next step in recovering the debt.

Global coverage

In-country lawyers

To ensure a seamless global solution, your chosen Credit Director will continue to manage all your reporting and communication whilst they work alongside their in-country lawyer partners. Whilst the case is being managed by our local lawyers, you can continue to monitor case progression via our technology platform, as well as viewing actions being undertaken and having instant access to an audit trail of debtor communications.

We understand that taking legal action can be a significant step and may impact other stakeholders within your business. Often, you will need to prove the need to proceed, particularly if there are additional costs involved. To help, we provide you a formal pre-legal report from your allocated named, qualified Paralegal.

This report contains the following information;

    Recommendation to proceed based on a Live status company with a time stamped, qualifying Credit Report.

    Summary of recovery actions taken so far to recover monies and checklist that all possible actions have been undertaken.

    Propensity-to-Pay score.

    Relevant local laws, statute of limitation enforcement and recovery factors.

    Any country-risk elements and currency restrictions which may impact payment of successful judgement.

    Paralegal brief, noting mortgages/charges and any significant Creditors that may instigate a Petition to Wind Up, based on any advertised information that would jeopardise recovery of monies owed to you.

    Full quote breakdown of No-Win-No-Fee rates and any associated court costs and other legal charges, with signatory strip for you to sign permission to proceed.

Our global network is comprised of three specialist layers of expertise:

InternationalCredit Control


InternationalDebt Collection