New around here? Talk to Gemma.

Meet Gemma Griffiths,  Head of New Business Development.










What is your role at Baker Ing?

I’m heading up new business and will be building a team that will help our new and prospective clients to understand, compare and more easily build business cases for our services.

My team will be focused on helping managers and directors quickly and accurately identify their order-to-cash challenges and how our services might help them achieve their goals.

We’ll be on hand to bring to bear all of Baker Ing’s resources, insight and data on behalf of new and prospective clients in order to help them make key decisions about their order-to-cash processes quicker and more easily.


What’s your background?

I’ve spent the past 15 years in credit management across several different areas. Over time, I came to specialise in working with data at the front end of the process, driving both collections and operational efficiencies.

Although my background is primarily front-end data analysis and efficiency gains, I still have a broad interest in the credit management profession generally and like to keep up to date with developments across the board.

It’s been rewarding to be involved in such a dynamic space which has evolved continually since I entered it, incorporating order-to-cash and, more recently, procure-to-pay…not to mention the huge leaps forward in technology we now leverage.


What do you bring to the table?

I believe I bring a good balance of drive and expertise. My passion, energy, and commitment will be key in driving high-levels of service for our new and prospective clients, as well as further growing the Baker Ing team whilst retaining the company culture.

I am passionate about Baker Ing’s mission to drive innovation within the space and I think I can play a key part in that through our offering new clients a more pleasant and beneficial experience than they might traditionally have experienced when first engaging with receivables management companies.

I have deep knowledge of the order-to-cash process and a talent for seeing past superficial indicators and uncovering real requirements quickly, so I think we can show new clients the best solutions to meet their objectives and do so in an objective, evidence-based way, giving due respect to their commercial and organisational circumstances.


What made you want to work for Baker Ing?

Baker Ing is focused on being the very best there is for high-value and highly-sensitive accounts receivable. This was a hugely attractive proposition – to know exactly what we want to achieve, for which kinds of companies, and how we can be the very best there is in doing so. So many spread themselves too thinly to the detriment of quality, whereas Baker Ing is the opposite – a focused high-quality service that delivers.

Furthermore, I’ve observed that the management team has backed up their ethos with investment in people, technology and data – delivering with huge growth and creating a buzz throughout the profession, both here and internationally.


What do you want for Christmas?

I am going to be asking for a book that I haven’t read, but I would like to; the Snowball Effect by Warren Buffett. I’ll be reading it during my time off in preparation for a  great start to 2022!


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