New Webinar: The Credit Year Ahead 2022

Join us on January 13th, 15:00 - 16:30 GMT

We'll be looking at the year ahead in Credit Management.

As always, we’re bringing together economists, senior leaders from the credit industry, and what we encourage to be an opinionated and interactive audience of credit professionals from across the globe. Let’s get to the bottom of the data and what it means for us in the months ahead.

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Meet Fabio, our international debt maestro.

Meet Fabio Zompicchiatti, International Legal Manager











1. What's your background?

My life has been filled with international experiences.

I've studied Business Economics in Italy, where I am from originally, and at the University of Malaga, Spain.

Before entering the credit profession, I worked in the tourism sector in Dublin, thanks to a European Commission funding program called Leonardo da Vinci. I lived there for two and half years, where I improved my English, business development and sales skills.

Upon my return to Italy, thanks to my language skills and economic knowledge, I entered the credit collection industry whilst working in an International legal office. As my career developed, I once again moved abroad in 2012, following the call of the wonderful multicultural city, London. Here I had the opportunity to further specialise in international debt recovery, and I met Liz Dotter, who is now Legal Director at Baker Ing. I'm thrilled to be working with her again.


2. What is your role at Baker Ing?

I am International Legal Manager. This means I am responsible for the performance management of our Global Legal Network of Partners. I ensure all international pre-legal and legal accounts are run smoothly, cost-effectively, and that our clients are kept fully informed and well-advised at all times.


3. What do you bring to the table?

I think my greatest contribution is going to be over a decade of focused experience in the field of legal action within debt collections. I have deep knowledge in this area, built over time dealing hands-on with debt collection in all scenarios. I understand the challenges that UK and international legal procedures can present to our clients and the concerns they may have, which can stop them from pursuing their rights and successfully collecting what they are owed.

I also would like to ensure my role contributes to Baker Ing's ethos of outstanding client care. I believe my personal capabilities and approach to work will add to our clients' favourable experience when dealing with the company. I hope to ensure that listening, understanding and tactful negotiation is central to our approach in all cases.


4. What made you want to work for Baker Ing?

I have full confidence in Baker Ing as a company because I know the management team are professional, dedicated people. I have observed Baker Ing deliver results and gain a well-warranted reputation within the profession. I wanted to be associated with a leading example of excellence within my profession.


5. What do you like about working in credit?

I enjoy being the point of contact for clients in helping them recover what they are owed!


6. What do you want for Christmas?

A new pair of sunglasses to wear when I ride my bike on the hills…Or perhaps a new pair of basketball shoes?...I’ll leave it to Santa to decide.

New around here? Talk to Gemma.

Meet Gemma Griffiths,  Head of New Business Development.










What is your role at Baker Ing?

I’m heading up new business and will be building a team that will help our new and prospective clients to understand, compare and more easily build business cases for our services.

My team will be focused on helping managers and directors quickly and accurately identify their order-to-cash challenges and how our services might help them achieve their goals.

We’ll be on hand to bring to bear all of Baker Ing’s resources, insight and data on behalf of new and prospective clients in order to help them make key decisions about their order-to-cash processes quicker and more easily.


What’s your background?

I’ve spent the past 15 years in credit management across several different areas. Over time, I came to specialise in working with data at the front end of the process, driving both collections and operational efficiencies.

Although my background is primarily front-end data analysis and efficiency gains, I still have a broad interest in the credit management profession generally and like to keep up to date with developments across the board.

It’s been rewarding to be involved in such a dynamic space which has evolved continually since I entered it, incorporating order-to-cash and, more recently, procure-to-pay…not to mention the huge leaps forward in technology we now leverage.


What do you bring to the table?

I believe I bring a good balance of drive and expertise. My passion, energy, and commitment will be key in driving high-levels of service for our new and prospective clients, as well as further growing the Baker Ing team whilst retaining the company culture.

I am passionate about Baker Ing’s mission to drive innovation within the space and I think I can play a key part in that through our offering new clients a more pleasant and beneficial experience than they might traditionally have experienced when first engaging with receivables management companies.

I have deep knowledge of the order-to-cash process and a talent for seeing past superficial indicators and uncovering real requirements quickly, so I think we can show new clients the best solutions to meet their objectives and do so in an objective, evidence-based way, giving due respect to their commercial and organisational circumstances.


What made you want to work for Baker Ing?

Baker Ing is focused on being the very best there is for high-value and highly-sensitive accounts receivable. This was a hugely attractive proposition – to know exactly what we want to achieve, for which kinds of companies, and how we can be the very best there is in doing so. So many spread themselves too thinly to the detriment of quality, whereas Baker Ing is the opposite – a focused high-quality service that delivers.

Furthermore, I’ve observed that the management team has backed up their ethos with investment in people, technology and data – delivering with huge growth and creating a buzz throughout the profession, both here and internationally.


What do you want for Christmas?

I am going to be asking for a book that I haven’t read, but I would like to; the Snowball Effect by Warren Buffett. I’ll be reading it during my time off in preparation for a  great start to 2022!


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2021 Irish Credit Team Awards

Baker ing is sponsoring EMEA Credit Team of the Year at the 2021 Irish Credit Team Awards. Often not given the recognition it thoroughly deserves, these Awards are designed to celebrate excellence in this most demanding area of business and provide a social occasion for team members, as well as an opportunity to meet and learn from other credit teams around the country. Don't forget to submit your entries for EMEA Credit Team of the Year and we shall see you in Dublin on November 12th.

Global Outlook is Live

Information and analysis for credit management.

We're very pleased to announce the launch of our Global Outlook hub where you can browse, search and download a broad range of reporting, market bulletins, webinars, lectures, and factsheets made for credit managers.

The resources include a mix of free and paid-for content. Baker Ing clients receive complementary access to all content.

Just log on and take a look. We hope this will provide a convenient hub for credit professionals to access the data they need to form a global outlook as we adjust to new economic conditions.

Welcome, Markus Kuger - Chief Economist

Welcome Markus Kuger, Chief Economist

We are very happy to welcome Markus Kuger to Baker Ing as Chief Economist. Markus will be contributing to our efforts to provide Credit Managers with relevant, timely information to help inform their credit strategy.

Markus boasts an impressive resume having previously worked with the European Central Bank in the EU Parliament and most recent as Dun & Bradstreet's Chief Economist.

You can download Markus's first Global Outlook report for Baker Ing (Southern Europe Economic Outlook) from the resources section of the website.

Welcome, Markus!

New Team Members!

We're very pleased to welcome two new members of the team this month.

Joseph Eastway joins our admin team as administrative assistant.

An experienced administrator within the property industry and most recently as a case handler for Deloitte. Joseph honed his capabilities assessing investment claims, ensuring FCA regulations were adhered to, and that quality/production targets were hit. Prior to working in financial services, Joseph enjoys his role as an administrator in a target driven environment and prides himself on keeping high rapport with clients and being an excellent all-round communicator.

Aleksey Esakov-Tikhonov joins us as Credit Manager.

A highly-skilled leader in credit management, Aleksey is trilingual, speaking English, Spanish, and Russian. Aleksey is a proven credit professional with a track record of performing in a fast-paced environments, driving results and efficiency. He prides himself on being diligent, dutiful and trustworthy with a strong sense of ethics. above all, we value Aleksey's commitment and dedication to delivering the highest standard of service and professionalism.

Welcome to the team, Joseph and Aleksey!


New Credit Partners

We welcome our new credit partners to the Baker Ing family; Cedar Rose, Crif, and Creditinfo Group.

Our valued credit partners serve the most accurate, timely and detailed global credit data for our clients.

Welcome Tokio Marine HCC

Baker Ing become proud international collection partner of Tokio Marine HCC.

Outstanding service continues uninterrupted as Tokio Marine HCC clients gain access to our international experience, expertise and resources: the perfect match of professional excellence.

Tokio Marine HCC is a leading specialty insurance group with offices in the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom and continental Europe, transacting business in approximately 180 countries and underwriting more than 100 classes of specialty insurance.

"I am delighted to announce our partnership withBaker Ing. Their experienced credit professionals,advanced use of business insights and vital debtorintelligence is unrivalled. All Tokio Marine HCC clientscan now leverage Baker Ing's focused expertise whilegaining complimentary access to the Global Outlookeconomic reporting service" - Sam Moody, Claims Manager, Tokio Marine HCC

To learn more about Tokio Marine HCC, please visit 

New Global Outlook Store

Global Outlook: Launching September 2021

A new online hub for credit managers to find relevant information quickly and easily.

Baker Ing's insight and analysis has gained quite a following over the past couple of years. With a rapidly increasing catalogue of content and a packed production schedule upcoming, the time is right to consolidate all of our information for credit managers into one online source - making searching for, and downloading, relevant information quicker and easier.

Credit Managers will be able to access Global Outlook via from September and search for the content they need by keywords, or browse by category,  Global Outlook includes all our content, both free and premium (Baker Ing clients receive free access to all content - please get in touch if you have yet to discuss this with your account manager),

Search, browse, download and leave reviews, We sincerely hope you enjoy using Global Outlook and find it useful.

Look out for Global Outlook on in the coming weeks.