Join the International Freight & Logistics Risk Forum

We're excited to introduce you to the International Freight and Logistics Risk Forum (IFLRF), the premier risk forum committed to building resilience and promoting innovation in the global freight and logistics industry. Providing a stage for a diverse array of industry segments, the IFLRF is all set to be the most comprehensive credit and finance forum in freight and logistics.

For an industry that's the linchpin of global trade and a catalyst for economic growth, such a focused platform has been long overdue. The IFLRF brings together stakeholders from across the sector—transporters, warehouse operators, insurers, financial institutions, technology firms, and more—to discuss, debate, and devise strategies that ensure not only survival but sustainable growth in an environment fraught with uncertainties.

Moreover, the IFLRF isn't just about mitigating risks. It’s about seeing risks as opportunities to innovate and create value. It’s about learning to navigate the complex trade winds of the industry with knowledge, collaboration, and foresight.

As a new platform, the IFLRF is teeming with opportunities for early adopters. By stepping into the uncharted waters of risk management, you can be among the trailblazers shaping the industry discourse, establishing best practices, and driving innovation within the freight and logistics sector. We invite you to not just follow industry trends but to be instrumental in setting them.

So, mark your calendars for our inaugural event on 19th September, from 10 am to 1 pm. We're hosting this pivotal gathering at Dun & Bradstreet HQ, The Point, 37 North Wharf Road, London, W2 1AF.

This is your chance to meet the industry's leading voices, to share your insights and experiences, and to explore potential collaborations that can create a lasting impact on the freight and logistics industry.

For more information about the event and ticket inquiries, please reach out to Christina at