Industry-Changing Appointment

Baker Ing Welcomes Global Order to Cash Expert John Kelly to spearhead collections innovation.

Baker Ing announces the strategic appointment of John Kelly as Global Order to Cash Consultant. Kelly’s unparalleled expertise in operational efficiency and financial objectives introduces a transformative edge to Baker Ing’s already robust client offerings.

John Kelly, renowned for his multidisciplinary business acumen, has joined the Baker Ing team from Ireland. Formerly Global Process Lead and Senior Consultant, He brings to the table experience that ranges from establishing GBS green field operations for Fortune 500 companies to driving existing GBS systems to the next level, specifically within the key work streams of O2C, P2P, and S2P in both centralised and decentralised business models.

What sets Kelly apart is his unique capability to seamlessly integrate technology into operational processes. Specialising in ERP/AI/Robotics Design and implementation, he has mastered the art of fusing technology and human expertise for optimum cost control and efficiency. His robust approach to risk identification and mitigation fortifies Baker Ing’s commitment to data-driven performance and sets new benchmarks for quality and reliability in the sector.

Kelly’s strategic vision is poised to enrich Baker Ing’s current portfolio, propelling the firm further into its role as a market leader for complex and high-value collection solutions. His multidimensional skill set—from business development to financial planning—is perfectly aligned with Baker Ing’s culture of excellence and will be integral to the firm’s continued success.

“John’s appointment signifies more than a new team member; it represents the next evolutionary step in receivables management. We’re not only expanding our team but also redefining what efficiency and client-centric can mean in our industry,” says Lisa Baker-Reynolds MCICM, CEO, Baker Ing International.

Welcome to the team, John.