1. What’s your background?

I’ve worked in the credit management profession for almost 20 years now, in variety of operational support roles. Over the years, I have developed a well-rounded skillset focused on driving operational efficiency, for both clients and internally, through statistical analysis, process engineering, and ongoing performance management of internal teams. My work, although primarily internal, has always had a big client focus though, and throughout my career I have had responsibility for ensuring smooth client onboarding and customer service excellence.


2. What is your role at Baker Ing?

Director of Service and Operations. I will be responsible for ensuring client interactions with Baker ing continue to be efficient and exceed expectations by ensuring we are responsive to their needs, available when and how they need to communicate with us, and that our internal processes, systems and technologies are aligned to deliver outstanding client service.


3. What do you bring to the table?

I’ve spent my entire career in the credit management profession from office junior through to managing whole departments. This has given me the chance to learn every aspect of how the businesses operating within it function, their needs, expectations and their challenges. I think my focus on detail with a big-picture understanding is quite rare, and I hope to use this to help Baker Ing consistently exceed client expectations.


4. What made you want to work for Baker Ing?

Being part of a business from it’s inception was very appealing to me – I feel like I really have a stake in everything Baker Ing do, due to the personal pride I have in what we, as a team, have accomplished thus far. I also come to work each day with a genuine excitement about what we can continue to bring to the profession in the months and years ahead.

Having worked with Sarah, our COO, for the best part of 15 years, and with Lisa, our CEO, for almost 10, this was a prefect fit for me – an exciting and fulfilling venture with a team I believe in, and who believe in me.


5. What do you like about working in credit?

Credit was my first ‘real’ job at age 17. From the first day, I’ve always enjoyed learning new things about the credit profession and progressing my career within it. Working in credit has also given me an insight into a multitude of industries – it affects every business, all over the world, which I find fascinating. Finally, knowing that my work within our business will help our clients flourish gives me an ongoing sense of achievement.


6. What do you want for Christmas?

To spend time with my family and loved ones…..And maybe receive a new pair of shoes…..or two!