Baker Ing becomes PICM’s international debt collection partner.

Baker Ing joins the Polish Institute of Credit Management as its international debt collection partner. The two will now be working together more closely than ever to deliver insight and experience from the Polish market to an international audience, assisting both Polish and international businesses in optimising their accounts receivable.

“The PICM and Baker Ing have worked together regularly over the past year. This was a natural progression to further deepen our collaborative efforts. Together we bring insight, analysis & international services to Poland, and deliver expertise from within the Polish market to our international client-base. We have already released several reports which the PICM have contributed to. I look forward to producing more great work together.”

Lisa Baker-Reynolds, CEO, Baker Ing International

“Having collaborated on a number of papers and webinars over the past months, I am very happy to welcome Baker Ing as an official partner of the PICM. Our partnership provide valuable support to the organisation and enable us to forge strong international relationships which help our members optimise their credit management for the global economy.”

Robert Dyrcz, PICM, Founder & CEO, Polish Institute of Credit Management